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This really is the Bestbreeder - 80%

Bolth_Mannn, June 9th, 2010

So, after a considerable amount of time playing music, it is pretty obligatory that a band does a compilation album and Children of Bodom is no different. Unlike a lot of other compilations where bands simply put the most 'friendly' songs on, this compilation album really does contain some of the best.

We start off with a previously unreleased cover of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell. This is one of the only songs Alexi has clean vocals on, and he does the job quite well. This is probably one of my favourite covers that Children of Bodom has ever done, as they really do the original justice. After this we get a couple of songs off the Something Wild album. In The Shadows, which is one of CoB's best early era songs in my opinion, and Lake Bodom, which is a classic among Bodom fans.

From the Hatebreeder album, we get the songs Warheart, Silent Night Bodom Night, Towards Dead End and Children of Bodom. We also get 6 songs from the Follow the Reaper album. Follow the Reaper, Bodom after Midnight, Everytime I Die, Mask of Sanity, Hate Me and Kissing the Shadows. As well as all these classics, we also get treated to 4 live versions of the songs Deadnight Warrior, Hatebreeder, Touch Like Angel of Death and Downfall. These songs are performed accurately and with an energetic atmosphere.

For all those unfamiliar with Children of Bodom, they play a mixed style of melodic death metal with faint influences of power metal. They started with a more neoclassical sound which is shown best on this compilation, and gradually move into a more melodic death/core sort of sound as their career progresses. Their singer is a screamer, the solo's are relentless and the songwriting is great, especially on the earlier albums.

For somone new to this band, this compilation album is a great place to start. It has all the best moments from Bodom's first 3 albums (par Children of Decadence), and a lot of cool bonus's. Recommended for someone new to the band.