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Chemical Way - Chilling Spree

Radical duuudeee! - 86%

Feast for the Damned, May 3rd, 2019

After the pretty weak debut EP, I had no expectations from Chemical Way, yet after the 5 year break they released this wonderful piece of re-thrash magic! Every single mistake they made on the EP, they corrected them here and made one of the most enjoyable re-thrash records of last year. We might as well call this "pizza thrash" (and no, I don't think that's an insult), since the influences from Municipal Waste are obvious.

While the EP had annoying vocals, the full-length definitely corrects that mistake. They finally settled on 1 vocal style instead of using 2-3 different ones. AND GOD DOES IT SOUND AWESOME? It's a good crossover style and it fits perfectly with the fast, relentless riffing, and I can safely say even the gang vocals are way better (and they were already good on the EP). Their style is lot like Municipal Waste's with the partying and thrashing vibes. You could say it's not an original thing to do and you would be right, but searching for creativity in a re-thrash album is like searching for clean singing in brutal death metal, I am sure there are examples for both, but they are not common. The quality of these kind of records are in the execution, and the band execution-wise delivered better than most of the re-thrash bands. It instrumentation are amazing with the fast, upbeat riffs which are much better than they were on the EP and they are everywhere on the album making the perfect moshing music. The drumming is also fast, in-your-face aggressive, just the way it should be on a thrash metal album. They also managed to make the production of the drums a million times better, now it actually sounds like it blends together with the mix perfectly and they didn't just record a homeless man smashing trash cans on a phone.

Overall this album is truly a chilling spree, it doesn't overstay it's welcome, the instrumentation are top notch, the vocals are way better than they were on the debut EP. As a first full-length this is an amazing job and a perfect album for some summer thrashing, but now all they have to do is release a second album at least this good!

The highlights of the album are: Beer Bot, Beer Police and Hall of Meat.

Chemical Spray - 75%

Sweetie, December 7th, 2018

Oh no, not another album where you can just look and the art and know exactly what it’s gonna sound like! Indeed, Chemical Way brought us their debut, a nice platter of crossover thrash in the summer of 2018 titled Chilling Spree; how clever. This disc is a straightforward glob of nasty thrash metal riffs with a nice side of high pitched yelling vocals that avoid falsettos for the most part. Factor in all of the punky attitudes and you’ll get your crossover fun, all packed into twelve short songs barely touching a half hour.

On the surface, you could say that Chilling Spree is just Municipal Waste worship, seeing that stylistically it’s nearly identical. That’s a good band to be compared to because numbers like “Beer Bot” and “Sewer Surfer” do a fantastic job of bringing the humor and keeping it aggressive simultaneously. The rhythms jump around the fretboard a lot, but in a manner so fast it becomes a lot to swallow at once. Thankfully, they also break into those slower, more melodic dance-infused bridges to allow the listener to catch their breath. This isn’t too atypical of this party-like breed of crossover.

What you need to consider is that Chemical Way rests a lot of weight on their short songs not requiring a long attention span. The un-originality and one-sidedness would bring Chilling Spree down if it were longer, but thankfully the brief run-time, along with the semi-witty lyrics, carry it. This album is an exemplar of how to not take yourself seriously and use ridiculous themes to your advantage.

When you get to the bottom of this, you almost feel the need to spin it again because of how fast it goes by (I know I did). It’s produced well and is a solid listen for anyone who’s into shredding, barbaric crossover hooks, and riffs for days. Grab your ripped jeans and sleeveless tees, go order your favorite local pizza and shitty beer, and hit play.

Originally written for Indy Metal Vault: