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Classic material... - 91%

Snxke, April 19th, 2004

Whoooaaa!!! Crisp production! Horridly pleasent vocals! Grinding, militant drums, bass and guitar! What the hell do we have here?!?! We have yet ANOTHER wonderful Chemikiller demo! This short blast of metallic fury has the amazing Ramrod slamming through more "modernized" Venom-styled black metal and singing about the "Enemy of Christ" as if he certainly means it. This demo is practically flawless, the production is top-notch, the vocals are scathing and the composition is nothing less than amazing. Chemikiller have only had a few missteps in terms of songwriting (and I mean VERY few) and this EP bears none of them. The heavy handed riffs remind of the best Venom/Motorhead/Celtic Frost and the vocals howl like Cronos on a rockabilly trip. It doesn't get ANY better than this.

This is yet another step forward by the brilliant Ramrod (king of riffs in the latter day) towards bringing REAL black metal from the shadowns and into the light where it looks twice as ugly and twice and wonderful.

Buy this or die...this is what black metal is all about.