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Chastisement = great melodic death - 96%

PainMiseryDeath, November 20th, 2003

Chastisement - 1) to inflict punishment. 2) to censure severely

There really isnt a lot I can say about the music that you can’t already
figure out. Brutal and melodic death metal from Sweden. Chastisement has crunchy 7 string guitars, double bass, throat-ripping vocals, melodic leads, aggressive complicated rhythms, everything you need, excecuted with perfection. Chastisement however, is far above standard. I personally can't get enough of this disc. The songs are full of headbanging greatness, memorable riffs, some even catchy, and the drum work is top notch...cant stress that enough, this drummer really knows his stuff. I watched the live videos offered on the official website and it is amazing to hear the drummer live, just as good as the cd, not one mistake.

As for the production on this cd, it is also far above standard, considering it is self produced. Chastisement have picked a flawless sound for the album, the dirty guitar sound is monsterous! The way some of the vocals stand out, is masterful. This CD should be in your collection, unless of course you fucking despise great melodic death.