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Not your average melodic death metal.... - 90%

Glitch, May 16th, 2005

Chastisement are from Sweden, they do play melodic death metal, and they DO kick ass. No pussiness to be found here. The only part of this album that really resembles something used in more well-known melodic death metal bands is the intro to world beyond. It doesn't sound bad though and the song itself kicks ass with mid-paced bad ass riffs throughout the song as well as a well-done solo that fits perfectly with the song.

The drumming kicks ass on the entire album and is especially great in Time Zone Zero but, is well-done in every song. This band really knows what they're doing and as a reviewer mentioned, the production is flawless and crushes most melodic death production...and its SELF-PRODUCED!

The vocals are agressive growls that add to the heaviness of the music. Most of the songs on this album are mid-paced with the exception of destrututorial being a bit faster and joie de vivre and the journey both being light instrumentals. Both of them are very well done and quality wise could add to the album but, they don't really flow as well with the other tracks. They aren't necesarily misplaced but, a little suprising to hear at first.

As was said, this is far above the standard (though bands like shit flames lowered the bar pretty far) and is more literal to the genre's name in my opinion. This IS death metal but, it is melodic. Its not the "defined" swedish melo-death sound. A new dawn, is a song that really displays this. Its death metal with melody, not melody with partial heaviness added.

Anyone who doesn't at least check them out is crazy (and not in a good way) considering ALL of their music is up on their site for FREE download! I personally believe that if more bands like chastisement were around in this genre, it wouldn't be the target of insults from certain metalheads.

Highlights: Destructutorial, Time zone zero, Tsavo - the land of slaughter.

I highly recommend getting this album!!

Chastisement = great melodic death - 96%

PainMiseryDeath, November 20th, 2003

Chastisement - 1) to inflict punishment. 2) to censure severely

There really isnt a lot I can say about the music that you can’t already
figure out. Brutal and melodic death metal from Sweden. Chastisement has crunchy 7 string guitars, double bass, throat-ripping vocals, melodic leads, aggressive complicated rhythms, everything you need, excecuted with perfection. Chastisement however, is far above standard. I personally can't get enough of this disc. The songs are full of headbanging greatness, memorable riffs, some even catchy, and the drum work is top notch...cant stress that enough, this drummer really knows his stuff. I watched the live videos offered on the official website and it is amazing to hear the drummer live, just as good as the cd, not one mistake.

As for the production on this cd, it is also far above standard, considering it is self produced. Chastisement have picked a flawless sound for the album, the dirty guitar sound is monsterous! The way some of the vocals stand out, is masterful. This CD should be in your collection, unless of course you fucking despise great melodic death.