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Completely Blew Me Away - 100%

DawnDeparted, July 26th, 2004

This has to be the greatest Melodic Death Metal band out there. ...But Lost We Are is purely an amazing EP. I don't think I've heard anything that comes close to these metal Gods. Their music is heavy but melodic. Great vocals, amazing guitars and drums that blast you away. Stand out Tracks are "My Father" and of course the title name "...But Lost We Are." These tracks force you to headbang without even knowing you are. After the CD you'll be dying for more. If you're into death metal, melodic death or even thrash metal look no further than this. I believe fans of metal period, won't be disappointed in this band. There is only one problem, finding this album will be extremely hard; your best bet would be to go to their website and download the whole album, yes you're allowed to download their whole album. They decided to do that because this album is so hard to find that if you have it already, you have only the few that are in existence. Also, they are not planning on re-releasing this EP. What surprises me is that these guys haven't been signed right away. WHAT WERE THE RECORD COMPANIES THINKING!?