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Chasse-Galerie – Manifeste (2011) - 70%

Asag_Asakku, June 1st, 2012

Chasse-Gallerie is one of Quebec's best known and most popular legends among popular storytellers and fantasy lovers. Its all about loggers signing a pact with the Devil in order to spend Christmas at home, riding a flying canoe across an icy night sky ... This is a fabulous story that has inspired many artists, who represented it in many ways. Even a black metal band has taken that name as a tribute to their national roots: Chasse-Galerie, is a Quebec group established in 2007. It belongs to the "metal noir québécois" movement, inspired by traditions and defending a strong patriotism.

After a first album launched in 2010 (Ars Moriendi), the quartet strikes again with a four songs EP entitled Manifeste (2011). The famous image used on the album cover leaves no doubt about its lyrical orientation: it will be patriotic! First song sets the tone: Amor Patriae Nostra Lex starts fast and aggressive, but slows down at mid-term, introducing Folk elements… until crushing unwary listeners’ ears again before concluding. Effective and well built, this song could become an anthem in concert. Honte et Fierté is much more political, with an intro speech by Nicolas Sarkozy and his opposition to Québec sovereignty. Decibels deluge that follows is an unequivocal answer: our friends in Chasse-Galerie do not agree with the French midget (now former) President. A punchy song written to avenge an insult. With Ode Hivernale, we are completely changing registry. It’s a truly mature and sober song, enhanced by a voice from beyond the grave - recalling depressive black metal. Mix of these two aspects, soft music and harsh vocals, is quite strange but still interesting. Concluding song, La Horde, is an excerpt played in concert. Well recorded, this song provides an excellent overview of the interpretive live abilities of the band.

A twenty minutes EP is very short, but the first three songs of Manifeste are giving a nice perspective of Chasse-Galerie's musical progression. 7/10

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