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Good in a narrow sense - 95%

Znarglaxe, November 12th, 2003

I don't know what it is about this band that makes me like it. Maybe it's the passion that is shown in the lyrics and vocals, or maybe how the not entirely complex (nor simplistic) music carries that same feeling. This band sounds very much like newer sentenced. This album is the peak of this band's career as far as I'm concerned. The melodies which are sparse, are worth every minute or half a minute that they exist. Songs such as Worthless and Sin and Your Christ are relatively mid paced songs that just make you want to punch the wall and go kill someone who you don't like because they did something to someone you do like.

This album creates a certain feeling with the music and the vocals, almost a dark, sorrowful feeling, and unlike their contemporary, Sentenced, this band sings more about love (i know that sounds pretty gay) and betrayal, than suicide. Altogether, i would say if you like newer sentenced, this is an album for you. Good guitar work, if not on the simple side, good vocals, everything all around GOOD.