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This Autralian metal gem rocks! - 90%

MorbidAtheist666, June 16th, 2021

Now this is an Australian metal gem! It’s not a perfectly produced record. It does sound a bit rough and even raw at times. Was it on purpose? I have no idea, but I like it. It’s not big deal whatsoever. They mostly play mid-paced songs and there’s also slow songs contained on this album. This has heavy songs and even ballad parts thrown in the songs. The one definite ballad is She Could Never Love Me. That one is actually not bad, I’m not really the kind of person who enjoys ballads. Exit Stage Right sort of sounds like a ballad at first and then it becomes a heavy song.

This album features unbelievably good heavy metal riffs by Mike Handcock. He has some great heavy riffs on Dictatorship, Big Business, Highway and Red Sky. He does some sick sounding lead guitar work on songs with lead guitar work. He can even play some sweet melodies and ballad type stuff. Those are found on Tear My Heart, She Could Never Love Me and Streetwalker. He’s a super unknown guitarist in the heavy metal realm, but he totally has chops on the guitar. He goes wild on the guitar, especially when it comes to guitar solos. Listen to the soloing in Dictatorship, Big Business and Exit Stage Right. Oh and that solo in Highway sounds insane. How did he pull that off? It’s so creative and outstanding.

I like the vocals found on this album. Frank Bentin sings with great emotion and he sounds strong on all of the songs. His best singing is found on Dictatorship, Big Business and Highway. The lyrics he sings are bit corny and sappy. Highway is good one where he sings about being on the highway with his girlfriend and bringing booze with him. He’s not a world renowned singer in heavy metal, but he has a damn good voice to me. He sounds really good on the ballad She Could Never Love Me. His vocals sound pretty damn impressive. I believe his vocals are coming from the heart when he sings that impressively. Oh and nice gang vocals in Dictatorship. That’s pretty much the only time you’ll ever hear them.

The bass playing by Joe Tilli sounds strong and heavy. You can clearly hear his bass playing and I’m happy it was not drowned out. He uses a real bright tone and it sounds like he’s using bass distortion at times. A real good song where he showcases his bass skills are found in Streetwalker. It sort of sounds like a ballad at first and then it gets heavy later on.

Morrie Velasco is a great drummer and kind of does some innovative stuff on this album. He’s a one of a kind drummer. He does your standard heavy metal drumming, but he also uses some unconventional drum beats on this album. I’m not a drummer, so I have no idea what he’s pounding on in Dictatorship and Big Business. It sounds like he’s creating little explosions in the song Highway. I have no idea how to explain it. It sounds like he wanted to sound as heavy possible on this album.

This album was not too easy to come by. I forgot how I got it, but I got by pure luck some time in early 2012. It’s a fun one to listen to, but the ballad type stuff kind of drags on. Those sort of sound boring, but that’s okay. Then those songs become heavy and sound fantastic. Charley Browne is a super mega obscure heavy metal band. I found that there’s a documentary about this album. I will have to watch it one day. If you’re into classic heavy metal, I highly recommend this album. It’s a bit tough to find, so I wish you the best of luck finding it! You better not be out of luck like with the song Out of Luck!