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naaaaaaaaaaah - 40%

Sportswear, March 14th, 2004

A genuinely boring as fuck CD. Musically as droned and played out as fuck. Their slogan on their t-shirt says it all, "VOLUME OVER TALENT". Some parts are worth listening to, and the vocalist is really great at screeching. But this band will always be in the shadow of the almighty Iron Monkey (\m/).
Bland, boring, repetitive, meaningless sludgy droned nonsense. To confuse this with the likes of some great doom acts etc would be a true crime. Even though the CD is fairly short, it seems like it never fucking shuts up, until I punch the fucking stereo in. Shame I couldn’t punch a stereo whenever I have seen them live.

Stay away. Unless you like boring sludge, then go for it.