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Fuck Yeah - 90%

blacknasa, March 20th, 2013

Where the hell are these guy from? They were formed in 2008 in the depths of Vancouver, Canada, a city known to produce some of the best known underground metal bands. How come I haven’t heard about them 'til now? Maybe because it is their debut album.

The Vancouver trio offers dirty and surly hard, fast rock mixed with black and thrash metal elements and spiced with high tempo speed metal. I can summarize it as black metal MOTORHEAD. I kid you not.

After a short, silly organ introduction, the Vancouver trio named CHAPEL starts with “Rock ‘N Roll From Hell”, a song with hellish guitar riffs presenting real rock ‘n roll chord progression with driving riffs and pounding drums so fast it can make a McLaren look like a Ford T model in a street car race. The rhythm is fast, no shit, no crap - only pure metal all backed with strong, harsh, and enunciated vocals. Never thought that rock 'n roll came from Hell. Clearly it did!

“Satan's Rock 'N' Roll”, the third track, can easily become a hymn of metal similar to VENOM’s “Black Metal”. Okay. it doesn’t have the same impact as the former had, however again CHAPEL test the limits of speed metal with killer fast drums and riffs, and the only thing left is to shout “Satan's Rock 'N' Roll”. “Alcoholocaust”, the fifth track on the album, in my opinion is the best track around with a lower guitar pitch riffs & more power in the vocals. It reminds me of METALLICA’s “Metal Militia”, but as if it were played by VENOM and sung by Lemmy of Motorhead. Yet again, you can’t be mistaken in what you get, which is fast and head-bashing metal.

Honorable mention goes to “Blood Will Be Spilled” and “Satanist”. These songs kick ass with a molded boot, and either way don’t miss in any case or situation the opening of “Hellrazors” or the song itself. In no time you will sing aloud the chorus “...and we are busting outta Hell“.

I would like to conclude here so I will have more time to listen to the album on my Harley on the way to hell to party with Satan, no kidding. Listening to this album brought me back to the days when metal was simple, brutal, and fun! That’s the way it should be! And that’s the way CHAPEL does it: brutal, fast, no-holds-barred metal. Way to go, CHAPEL.

One thing for the band is that this genre is small and dusted with many bands covering everything in that register for over thirty years and counting. I do hope that CHAPEL will be able to stand the test of time or, in their case, the test of the allusive second album. Let me finish with the immortal words from our sponsor, VENOM - “lay down your soul to the god’s rock `n' roll”, in this case to “Chapel - Satan Rock N' Roll”.

Original - Metal-Temple , the place to worship Metal , By Eldad Blacknasa Stainbook

Baaaa baaaa blasphemy! - 55%

autothrall, October 19th, 2012

I'm all for bringing back the old school sounds and reliving the pioneer years of metal music, even 'blackening' them with harsher vocals, but the issue a band like Canadians Chapel faces is that its riff selection is too immediately bland to really leave much of any impression. Consider that this band's prime influences like, Venom, Bathory and Motörhead were mastering all of these chains and leathers 30 or more years ago, and Satan's Rock 'n' Roll is just bringing too little to the table. You could take a lot of these very basic, primordial speed metal and rock chord progressions the band implements and very easy change up the notes, layer in some dissonance, some atmosphere, or unexpected patterns, but alas this debut plays it far too straight...and far too safe.

Now, I don't mind so much that the band's lyrical themes are a bunch of retread concepts about Satan, Hell, beer, Satan, blood, and more beer, because that's sort of what one expect in the black/speed/thrash party scene. Similar groups like Midnight and Speedwolf have been tearing up the road with a similar schtick lately, but Chapel are a fraction more bloody and bruising. On the other hand, they're not writing songs on the same level, just sort of cruising along with some fairly effortless chord schematics that do little than offer libations to records like Ace of Spades, Orgasmatron, Welcome to Hell and Exciter's Heavy Metal Maniac. The brash bark of the vocalist here reminds me a little of Cronos and with some of Mille Petrozza's mid-80s bite, but it doesn't have the same character or wickedness. The guitar tone is bold and raw, and the performance is pretty tight all around, but despite a few burning, bluesy twists, and some flighty speed punk passages, there's never much interesting happening that you can't hear coming a mile away. And a mile on this album is...practically the entire album...

The bass tone is swarthy, fuzzy and effectively repulsive, and the drums definitely ramp up the band's energy level to the point that I could never argue their enthusiasm, but overall it's not the production which hinders the Canadians. The lyrics are fairly minimal, but they read like a bunch of buzzwords, cliches, or song titles of their influences, and don't provide any genuinely fucked up, evil imagery beyond what you've already read from Slayer, Venom and just about every thrash, black or death metal band walking in their steps since. On a purely aesthetic plane, I dig what bands like this are all about, but Chapel doesn't take a fresh enough spin on the songs to add to the legacy they are beholden too. For some, that might be enough. Certainly this isn't a bad album that I wanted to hurl into the nearest wastebasket. I doubt I'd mind hearing their music in the background (stage or sound system) if I were drinking at some dive. Yet, for something so obviously inspired, it just doesn't sound 'inspired', it merely takes the blasphemous billy goat by its horns and rides its back into being. Busier and better, distinct riffs would make all the difference here. Even the title is all too obvious and average...and we all know Satan's real rock 'n 'roll is Jerry Lee Lewis.


Chapel – Satan’s Rock n Roll - 60%

Asag_Asakku, August 20th, 2012

The sun burns my skin, already carved by wind and mileage. My hands firmly grab a 1500cc monster’s handlebars. The noise is deafening and terrifies all good people who dares look at me. My leather jacket is frayed, stained with the blood of my enemies. I have no destination, I just drive straight ahead.

This magnificent vision is imposed on me while listening to Chapel first album, beautifully titled Satan’s Rock n Roll. Mötorhead fans, this record is for you. The Vancouver trio offers us thirty minutes of dirty and surly hard rock, crossed with black and thrash metal elements. Pure biker music.

After a short organ introduction, Rock ‘N Roll From Hell tumbles at full speed with a rhythmic drawn from a heavy rock manual. This goes on with titles like Satan’s Rock n Roll, Motorcult or Alcoholocaust. Lyrical themes are all fully assumed clichés. Drink, drive and fuck, and not always in that order. The whole is very well done and must be appreciated as a guilty pleasure. Even my own microscopic car seemed to get bigger when the album was playing.

However, this music originality is nonexistent. Legends like Sodom, Venom or AC / DC covered everything in that register for over thirty years and counting. Even today, new bands – such as Chrome Division – are trying to carve out a place in this decibel, sweat and vomit-filled universe. Is it relevant to add another one?

I do not believe that Chapel members care about that kind of considerations, which are more related to a jaded reporter’s work. Satan’s Rock n Roll is still fun to listen, even though nothing can replace my old records. Well, why not listen Aces of Spades? Let’s roll, baby! 6/10

Originally written for Métal Obscur.