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What for? - 6%

Aurora Rider, May 17th, 2019

There are some bands I can't understand. Moreover, there are some albums that make me wonder if there was any point in recording and releasing them at all. Chaotic Symmetry's one and only full-lenghth release is one of them. What we have here is a record which lacks originality, depth and in general any element which could make it worth listening to.

The whole thing starts with an unispired simplistic black metal rift and a blast beat. And that is pretty much what you are going to listen to for the most part. Repetitive and boring guitar rifts are the main characteristic of ''Ερπώμενοι''. It was only after listening to the album for a second time that I realised every melody and idea was something I have heard before. There not even one original rift. Same goes for drumming. These two musical instruments, together with the awful harsh vocals create an insufferable noisy background which leaves no room for enjoyment. Not that there was much potential anyway. Each musical composition and every single element of this release is characterised by unparalleled sloppiness and amateurism. The vocalist even seems nervouis to me at times.

I am serious when I say I an not sure if there is any bass in this record. Maybe it was lost in the general chaos, which is the outcome of really bad mixing, mastering and terrible sound quality. There is a keyboard melody in ''Η Αρετή της Εκδίκισης'' plus some clean spoken vocals. This might be the only song that has a few points I can enjoy. But even if I do, I soon forget about them, since there is actually nothing I can't find in a good, serious black metal album. Even when it comes to the lyrics, there is nothing special or really clever. Mostly the idea of revenge and darkness. How unusual. Add an amateur silly cover artwork, and there it is. Chaotic Symmetry's black metal masterpiece. Not.

There is not really much more I can say about ''Ερπώμενοι''. All in all, it is nothing but a terrible record. One that has no identity and is already lost in the pile of forgotten and uninspired black metal releases. There is nothing to really appreciate, except maybe the fact that it was supposed to be a bad sounding album from the very start. I can't really understand what the point was anyway.