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Entombed - Brutal 1993 - 80%

Rottenrectum, February 2nd, 2009

- This is the follow up to Clandestine...

- But hold on...

- What's that? Chaosbreed you say? No this is Entombed...

- No this is Finnish...

- What? But it certainly sounds exactly like Left Hand Path and Clandestine.

Yeah OK enough with the stupid dialogue, you get the point. Chaosbreed have one influence and that is early Entombed. Early Entombed was great, anyone who says otherwise are wrong, plain and simple. So if Chaosbreed is a complete clone of Entombed, what do we get? Well we get quality old school death metal. Sure it is nothing original but that does not bother me (even if it would lift the score), but it sounds good. You probably expect chainsaw guitar riffs, tempo ranging from slow and lumbering to fast and intense, raspy vocals and so on and you get pretty much that, no surprises. Is that bad? I think not, Entombed showed us 500 years ago that all of that make for kick ass metal and this is no talentless bunch of guys playing. They know what they are doing and it came out the way it was supposed to, a solid old school death metal release.

If you have heard Clandestine you have heard this, if you like Clandestine you like this. If you have not heard Clandestine you (well first of all you have to come out from under the rock you are living under) will get a barrage of ultra fat guitar riffs that are sure to satisfy any old school fan, you will also get a fair share of solos and they do not disappoint. Very headbangable stuff quite simply. If I were to mention the bass briefly, there is not much to say. If you concentrate you can pick it out but overall it does its job to add heaviness to it all.

The vocals are as mentioned raspy and throaty, just like most other Swedish bands. The vocalist has a fairly varied style, it is not too flat. Someone once said "why doesn't vocalist do any cool sounds anymore?" (you know, screams and such, kinda like "Uahhh!"), those things are always fun and the vocalist here are not afraid to throw in one or two occasionally. Moving on to the lyrics, some are quite funny actually, just look at this:

"I am the monkey on your back
The boogieman under your bed
The skeleton in your closet,
Incubus in your dreams"

Otherwise it is not much more to say about them.

I give this album 80, which is a good score. The only apparent flaw here is the total absence of originality. I seriously doubt the intention was to create something of their own, but rather to make something that could hold up against albums like Clandestine and Indecent And Obscene. It could, if it was not for the fact it was released 10 years later, which makes it more of a copy of the mentioned albums.