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Here we go again!! - 75%

Jaxel, February 21st, 2005

You know how swedish old school seems to be popping out now, more than ever...this is insane. While bands like Paganizer, Dismember and Unleashed keep doing what they have doing for years. We get comeback albums from Grave (not very good ones though). And we also have this special little area of new swedish old school bands...everyone knows (and hates) Bloodbath, Ribspreader and now we get Chaosbreed. One could argue that this album came out on the wrong moment. Trust me , if this had been on 1991, this album will possibly be considered a masterpiece, even though the obvious Entombed influences are always peresent, but fuck Dismember had those ones too...and we all know they are NOT Entombed clones. So what can be said about Chaosbreed.

I think what impresses me the most about the album is the drumming, fill with rolls, even though it has his generic parts, i think it can be resumed in one word...diverse. The guitars well, they have nice leads and solos, and the quitar tone, is the Entombed tone hehe. My main complain on this album, is the vocals. I've never liked Janeli Tarva on Sentenced's Amok, even though i consider the album to be one of Sentenced's best albums. Lirically, the band gives the middle finger to everything evil about this music. That seriousness and fucked up imagery that we had with thoses old school swedish albums is lost. That, i think its something new, but Finnish bands have this tendency to joke and fuck around, while being i think its something expectable from this band. Standout tracks for me have to be Demon Skunk, with its doomish approach. Casket Ride, i also a great slab of mid paced Death Metal. In general this album, is a great addition to a metalheads collection, as long as you have the time and mood to listen to it.