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Give me more tracks like the title track, please - 55%

BloodIronBeer, February 9th, 2013

Chaos Synopsis plays a style that is very thrash in the drums and death metal in the guitars with lots of tremolo picking and thrash beats. Mostly standard fair and doesn't deviate stylistically; low yells for vocals and an old school death metal guitar tone that cranks out a succession of tremolo and death-tinted thrash riffs. There are few blast beats or anything rhythmic going on, and the whole of the album falls into the same tempo and rhythm throughout.

The lyrics of each song profile a different serial killer. To me, it's not at all interesting or creative to write lyrics like this. It is, however, a feature that defines the album over all.
Three tracks stand out to me, Rostov Ripper, BTK, and the instrumental title track. Both BTK and Art of Killing make use of slide guitar, which I think is pretty interesting.

The title track has almost a Judas Priest, old school heavy metal feel with slide guitar, violin melody, and a nice acoustic outro. I must say the slide guitar in this track is pretty badass and the acoustic passage is quite nice. It recalls Opeth. Rostov Ripper starts off very generically, but has some tasty riffs, nice complimentary drum parts, and a serial killer from Ukraine just seems right. Bind Torture Kill has solid riffs, and again, slide guitar, which is pretty cool.

Overall, the weak points of this album are the vocals, which are extremely lacking in terms of potency, variety or sharpness; rhythmic monotony and unfortunately it's just quite generic and underwhelming. If you've ever heard their fellow Brazilian thrashers Torture Squad, this is very similar and there's a lot of riffs that just don't do anything for me.