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Arcane Black Art - 95%

Vadoksog, November 29th, 2007

On “Origin of Apparition,” Chaos Moon run the full gamut of bleak and harrowed emotions, but it’s still an incredibly uplifting experience. Haunting and esoteric, these nine odes demonstrate a face of black metal that is rare in its juxtaposition of ugliness and beauty. One minute fierce and shrill; the next sublime and almost comforting, “Origin of Apparition” contains more variety and mood switches than most black metal bands’ entire careers. Yet, it’s the intense, frenetic, desperate/disparate aggression and dejected sense of hopelessness that shine through most. The title track in particular will rip your face off.

The controlled, chaotic vehicle of Esoterica (with a little help from collaborator Mark Hunter of Nostalgia) careers and slaloms through a veritable smorgasbord of downbeat vibes to generate a fearsome display of disgusting psychotic obscurity. Operating on such a high emotional level that it’s almost impossible to describe or analyze, “OoA” immediately established Chaos Moon as one of the most intriguing entities in the USBM scene. All in all, it’s a voyage I strongly advise you to take.

Certainly not what one would expect to hear from the traditional home of country music, CM have unleashed an innovative, spectacular, diverse and thoroughly essential opening shot. This is a companion piece to another Chaos Moon CD released simultaneously (“Languor into Echoes, Beyond”, on Ars Magna Recordings) and is a work of supreme, unique and groundbreaking art that can be filed confidently alongside the likes of Krohm, Xasthur, Silencer or Velvet Cacoon.

Chaos Moon doesn’t necessarily sound like any of those bands; but they’ve got that special aura. Mutilated, depraved black metal with occasional ambient touches, anybody?