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Chambre Noir dragging murky waters - 55%

vargtid, August 11th, 2017

This EP by Chambre Noir is interesting in that it is really feel like a Swedish death metal band regrouped and tried to become part of The Black Legion (Les Légions Noires). The riffs sound akin to what a lot of Swedish bands were doing in the early nineties but this is recorded so poorly it becomes atmospheric - like the French bands.

The drums are quite distinct, with good separation between kick and snare and void of roomy cymbal terror. The guitars are thick with a lot of roomy low end while the bass is nothing but roomy low end. Vocals are raspy howls that also have a fair share of room to them. All this combined makes for a very atmospheric but terribly muddy listening experience. Some parts, like the late-mid part of ‘Dawn Eternal’, are so murky that it barely sounds like written music. It doesn’t help that this is on cassette with all the decay that comes with that format.

The songs are really, middle of the road material. With two exceptions; the title track and the third track ‘Under Devilwings’. The title track has a great and funny chorus that comes like a breath of air from the drowning audio-terror that is the first verse. Perhaps they were sincerely trying to be evil (the post-chorus doomy section suggests that) but too me this all comes off as funny as hell. A great song with lots of varied parts. ‘Under Devilwings’ is the blackest of the songs on here and the riffs are simple but effective in creating an atmosphere within the confines of the production. But in general, the song uses the same template as the other tracks. Alternating heavy, slow-to-mid-tempo riffs with shorter bursts of blast-beats and fast picked guitars. But ‘Under Devilwings’ stands out in that it is more effective in its writing – short and direct.

Overall Chambre Noirs ‘Sodomize the dead for Satan’ offers a selection of rather good songs, with an interesting atmosphere to them. For those who like low-fi extreme metal this will surely satisfy that itch. Sadly, for everyone who can’t stand the production shortcomings, listening to this is not really worth the time.