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The Wrath of Idiots - 0%

EvilAllen, June 12th, 2019

I hope these guys don't expect but the worst from people like me. These are a bunch of idiot-losers who need to stop producing music. Because even they, can't produce literal-music. They can make literal-noise, that's about it. Seriously, how did they get the idea that they were even worthy of making music? They're like a bunch of freak-shows waiting to expose themselves to the gas chamber. Oh, thankfully that might happen, right? Fuck, I swear. I must be dumber than these guys for even giving them any attention.

The production of the audio might be alright, but it's not enough for me to even give them a number (besides zero) for this review. They don't deserve it for making such abhorrent music. The retarded tracks they have with weird voice-clips is a bit cringe-worthy and dull, just like them as musicians. The riffs sound terribly bad and choppy sometimes. And the riffs just in general, don't sound that exciting. They might be able to provide a couple seconds worth, that happen to show some "creativity", but no, not even enough for them to classify this above zero in rating. The riffs are a little rough-around-the-edges, too. And as usual, the song are ridiculously short.

The bass is a little quiet in the album's mix, so forget hearing anymore about that shit. The drums sounds stupid, it's just lazy thumping, it's like listening to drums from Africa. And no, that wasn't a racial attack either, I'm just being honest. It sounds fucked. I really find it stupid. I just picture this group of Africans with fire in the middle of them, when the sit in a circle with white warpaint, hitting the bongos, jeez. So, so...sorry... The vocals sounds so retarded and stupid. It's just a bunch of mindless yelling and stupid phrases from the lyricism. In some cases, it's listen to "failed" back metal vocals, too. Like, what is this supposed to be a about? A joke? Well, it's a bad one. So are the lyrics...they're bad, too. It's like some mental fruitcake written them. And the slow-ass riffs on some of the so-called "comedy" tracks, are so annoying. I can almost wish death upon this fucking band.

You can find this release on their Bandcamp page, though, I wouldn't listen to it. You have a seventy-five-percent chance to be at risk for getting cancer from this shit. I'm risking my useless life to keep you people alive. So, you won't have to suffer as horribly as I have. This album is like an incurable bowel disorder, too. So, just keep that in mind! This shit blows so much ass that it literally leaks shit...