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Jizz-soaked mud pie - 72%

gasmask_colostomy, May 25th, 2019

Yesterday the dodgy German Chainbreaker, today the simple but fierce Canadian one. This super-short demo deserves a super-brief review, so watch out. The style is dirty speed/thrash with more than a little Motorhead grit, plus screaming solos and glugging bass that sounds like Lemmy going at a bottle of Jack. Vocals position themselves between punk and black metal, so this could be eaten up by the Midnight crowd too.

The purpose of this demo was probably just to have something to do between first release Constant Graving and debut full-length Lethal Desire, since it took more than four years to finish the latter. These two songs prove their inessential nature by being left off the album, though the extremity of 'Deterioration' is greater than most of the simple riffing on that effort, even entering a period of blasting that almost sees the band come off the rails. Main feature 'Enslave Your Masters' sounds rather more anthemic with a proud main riff, though still feels like a jizz-soaked mud pie in the eye. A blast of filth; nothing more or less.