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Cesspool of Repetitiveness - 70%

PKendall317, July 26th, 2011

Cesspool of Vermin's album "Bestial Necrophilia" initially attracted me because of its disturbing and gorey lyrics, and the brutality of its music. Upon listening to the album, I was somewhat disappointed but still enjoyed listening to it.

The one big flaw of this album and the reason I gave it a 70% is the extreme repetitiveness of it, and the lack of songwritting. Every track, from the beginning to the end sound almost identical and there is absolutely no variation in the bands style whatsoever. Throughout all nine tracks they use the same songwritting formula and when I listened to the album I repeatedly have to listen to tracks over and over again because it sounded like the same thing.

But enough bashing, let's talk about the album's strong points. Musically, the members of the band do know what they're doing even if they do lack variation. The guitar riffs are quite nicely done and almost sound like tech death metal and during the breakdowns resemble bands like Dying Fetus and to a lesser extent Suffocation. The only thing keeping them from being great is the lack of variation in their playing.

The drums are excellent and what you'd expect from a band of this sort, and are probably the best part of the album. The vocals on the other hand, are probably the worst thing musically about the album. They're not exactly bad, but they are very monotonic and the vocalist for this band has absolutely no range. They make up for this though by being very deep, guttural growls that go along with the brutal nature of the music.

Overall, this is another generic sounding brutal death metal band. Despite this its still enjoyable to listen to if you ever get the urge to go bouncing off the walls crazy.