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Cesspool of Repetitiveness - 70%

PKendall317, July 26th, 2011

Cesspool of Vermin's album "Bestial Necrophilia" initially attracted me because of its disturbing and gorey lyrics, and the brutality of its music. Upon listening to the album, I was somewhat disappointed but still enjoyed listening to it.

The one big flaw of this album and the reason I gave it a 70% is the extreme repetitiveness of it, and the lack of songwritting. Every track, from the beginning to the end sound almost identical and there is absolutely no variation in the bands style whatsoever. Throughout all nine tracks they use the same songwritting formula and when I listened to the album I repeatedly have to listen to tracks over and over again because it sounded like the same thing.

But enough bashing, let's talk about the album's strong points. Musically, the members of the band do know what they're doing even if they do lack variation. The guitar riffs are quite nicely done and almost sound like tech death metal and during the breakdowns resemble bands like Dying Fetus and to a lesser extent Suffocation. The only thing keeping them from being great is the lack of variation in their playing.

The drums are excellent and what you'd expect from a band of this sort, and are probably the best part of the album. The vocals on the other hand, are probably the worst thing musically about the album. They're not exactly bad, but they are very monotonic and the vocalist for this band has absolutely no range. They make up for this though by being very deep, guttural growls that go along with the brutal nature of the music.

Overall, this is another generic sounding brutal death metal band. Despite this its still enjoyable to listen to if you ever get the urge to go bouncing off the walls crazy.

Graduating With an A+ in Efficient Sickfuckery - 93%

MutantClannfear, May 23rd, 2011

Along with deathcore and crunkcore, slam death metal is a prime contender for the award of "Most Consistently Shitty Music Subgenre". However, I like being proven wrong; Devourment were the ones who made it, and they did it right. Since I was exposed to 1.3.8., I have seen a few bands who have performed it decently, but nothing outstanding. Here, however, we see a band that may very well perform the genre better than the people who started it. I never thought I would ever give any band in the genre of brutal death metal anything higher than an 85%, but here it is, ladies and gentlemen: I give you Cesspool of Vermin, a band that has obviously taken their time to create an album that, while barely breaching thirty minutes in length, leaves its comrades in the dust in terms of entertaining, crushing riffs.

Perhaps part of the reason this release is so fun to listen to is because the mindset of the guitars isn't "tune to *insert guitar tuning to which even Sunn O))) haven't downtuned here* and chug for a few minutes". Instead, these feel like normally tuned modern death metal guitars, and although the music isn't as directly brutal as many bands in the genre, this band has prepared for that beforehand by creating riffs that are often a lot more complex than simple "dun, dun, dun-dun-dun" slams. The band always has something new to do: whether it's distorting the final notes of a measure, to actually using the top two strings of the guitar in riffs that almost emulate technical death metal, to creating addicting rhythmic combination, it simply never gets old. Oh, sure, the basic formula is still the same, but it's like this: if you were forced to eat nothing but ice cream for the rest of your life, but you had access to ten thousand different flavors that covered everything from vanilla to peppermint to pepperoni pizza, and no matter what it was, it tasted perfect (pepperoni pizza ice cream tastes like actual pizza), would you care? Point is, this band is still following the basic slam formula, but at the same time they've realized that it was a pretty dumb idea in the first place and added tons of new elements to keep the music from getting boring. Another feature this band has that most of its fellow slam players lack: an audible bass player. Due to the fact that the guitars aren't played in double-drop Z for Beastial Necrophilia, the band has made good use of their bass player and amplified his playing in the mix to make sure their music still has a lower tone. It fills a gap in the dissonance between the guitars and the vocals that would otherwise become unbearably awkward.

The drummer is another master of his instrument. He's constantly adding to the overwhelmingly headbangable rhythm with the use of well-placed rolls on the bass pedals, and in addition to that his fills consist of ridiculously fast snare rolls that still manage to sound like one fluid stroke instead of an awkwardly incoherent stop followed by a fill. Even in the slams, he manages to escape monotony by making felicitous use of everything he has on the kit, especially the hi-hat (which sounds amazing, how "ding"-ish it sounds). The only real complaint I have about the kit is the sound of the crash cymbal, which feels flat and asphyxiated compared to the thick, bass-rich sound of everything else on the kit.

The vocalist isn't anything super-spectacular for the genre, but he gets the job done. Imagine Muhammed from Necrophagist getting turned into a werepig, and you have our vocalist for this album. His vocals aren't the deepest you'll hear, but they're definitely up there in terms of catchiness. He's obviously not trying to be understood; the lyrics are almost entirely indecipherable. That's not the problem here, though: the problem is that most of what you'll hear of him on this album is "oh bee oh bee oh bee"; there's not as much vocal variation as there could possibly be. At the same time, you also get the ever-so-elusive screams, which sound even more bestial. They almost cease to be screams and border on ravenous snarls and howls, and they threaten to rip the listener apart with each time they're used (which, fortunately for you, the listener, is sparingly).

Standout tracks? Try "Puncturing Paraplegic Pussy" or "Sodomizing the Elderly", which are two of the more rhythmic compositions present on this album. Although all the tracks are great, these two stand out among the rest (at least, they do to me, possibly because they were the two songs that introduced me to this band).

This review does not adequately describe how imperative it is for you to hear this album. I'm sure if every slam album sounded like this, we'd have national holidays put aside to drilling our grandmas, mutilating and raping people in wheelchairs, and sucking the dicks of dead dogs. Buy the CD, worship it, have circle jerks to it with your friends, shove it up your ass, whatever - just possess this kickass album, and that will be one less wonder of the world you'll have left to experience.

SLAMTASTIC!!!! \,,/ - 100%

SlamTilDeath, May 3rd, 2009

Cesspool of Vermin is a brutal death metal band from North Carolina with lyrical themes about necrophilia, gore, bestiality and incest. The band features members from Lust of Decay, Lividity, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement and Rupture Christ. I stumbled upon Cesspool of Vermin by chance a few months ago whilst doing a random search on YouTube for brutal bands and this one caught my eye because of their graphic album cover. I thought this band's sound should be interesting, so I played the track called "Formaldehyde Fuckbag" which starts off with a woman asking someone “what are you going to fuck me when I'm dead?" I didn’t know whether to smile or frown but then again nothing really surprises me these days. The music that followed was intense and extremely brutal; there were no pretentious technical guitar riffs which made this pleasingly catchy. I was so impressed that I re-played it again before searching for more songs from the album. Thankfully the other songs were also as good so I bought my copy the very same day through sevared records website.

When I got my copy I played it repeatedly which doesn't happen that often, I obviously had something special. The growling was very low pitched and guttural, the type you won’t be able to decipher at all which is the norm this day and age. Jay Barnes’s vocals are rather distinctive and macabre which complements the brutality of the music. He sounds like an angry beast, the kind you don't want to fuck with! The tonality varies as he uses some deep shrills adding a sense of despair to the atmosphere but for the most part staying ultra aggressive in his guttural delivery.

Derek Haymore handles the guitar and bass exceptionally well and has an endless supply of catchy razor sharp riffs that will hook you and rip you to shreds! On top of that there are break downs galore in every track making this perfect for slamming if that’s what you’re into. The guitar is typically down tuned but to no ill effect as the bass is clearly audible giving the songs more groove which is a bonus. I would say the speeds of the guitars are mid/fast pace, chunky and definitely memorable.

Jordan Varela is amazing; he beats the hell out the skins at lightning fast speeds! If you like rapid double bass then your gonna like this as it's one of the key features in his style. The blast beats and fills are executed perfectly and are used sparingly which avoids it sounding monotonous. Jordan has heaps of energy and skill, definitely one of the most talented drummers out there.

The lyrics are some of the most twisted and perverted I have ever read and I thought Cannibal Corpse were the bench mark for horrific lyrics! Just look at the song titles and you will see what I mean. They look as though they have been written by the most morbidly insane pervert on the planet. I have thought up some really crazy fucked up shit in my time but this is something else. However, the metal is too damn good to even care!

The production must also be praised for the richness in sound quality and for the arrangements of the songs which last on average around three and half minutes. The finished product sounds polished and is definitely something to be proud of. The only issue I have is the volume should have been amplified more when they recorded this because I have other cds that play much louder. If you have a decent stereo this won’t be a problem but on the new iPods for example the maximum setting doesn’t sound loud enough. But that is not an excuse to give it a lower score just amp it up!

If you dig Lust of Decay, Vulvectomy or Lividity and the likes you will also enjoy this brutal slab of slam death metal. There is no filler here and I am not naming favorite tracks because they are all amazing. I highly recommend you add this gem to your collection!