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Cerosity - Eyeless Mass Corruption - 95%

MetalThrasher07, March 8th, 2013

Spanish newcomers Cerosity have released their debut EP, "Eyeless Mass Corruption" and it is straight up amazing! The definite influence of technical masters like Sadus and Pestilence are quite apparent. Tino's thick bass lines throughout the length of the EP definitely set the tone. Julian's evil vocals matched with his almost Hetfield-like riffing make for a deadly combination. This is perfectly displayed on the first track, "Drives To Insanity".

The leads definitely carry this EP with the blistering speed and amazing intricacy of an old school thrash legend, not to be expected of a fresh faced shredder like Alex. The only weak spot (and it is a very, very minor detail) to me would be the drumming. It seems to lack that certain "wow" factor. Don't confuse that with me saying that Lucas is a boring drummer. He's not. But there just seemed to be something missing. As if he was just playing along instead of making an attempt to stand out at least.

I'm expecting big, big things from Cerosity. This EP sounds like it's a third or fourth album, just as a band is hitting their sweet spot. If this is what we get on a debut, just imagine a few albums down the line! I highly suggest giving these guys a listen, especially if you are a fan of Sadus, Sepultura, or Morbid Saint.

Copied from my review on Metal Temple. Link provided below.