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Ceres - Tyrant's Rise

Eons Beyond Undefinable Far Flung Planetoid - 91%

CHAIRTHROWER, July 14th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Hailing from an undisclosed American location in full battle gear and regalia is the medieval styled heavy/power metal duo named Ceres, with its incrementally appealing four track EP, Tyrant's Rise, released at the start of July, digitally and on flamboyant cassette, under Electric Assault Records.

Comprised of vocalist/keyboardist Leo Kabat and long-known everyman Jesse Balgley (who, at one point, also sojourned "live" with London's exalted Amulet), Tyrant's Rise's four tracks, which total a swift, mondo-replayable eighteen minutes, play out as interwoven, coalescing chapters, where the EP's sum largely exceeds its individual, all moving parts. In other, less generic words, nary a song can be separated from the rest, with an atmospherically introduced title track beginning to sound of dueling fanfare at King Charles' royal court (imagine steel swords swishing, warhorses neighing, ceremonial trumpets blaring). Largely filling in as main role of said rather conservative, albeit suitably sparse, keyboards, such is catapulted towards epic, super charged riffage beneath a solid battery and Leo's nasally upper ranged, somewhat Messiah Marcolin (of Candlemass) evocative cries of victory.

Each subsequent cut, from a stoic and steadily handed "Blood Of The Warriors" and even more intense or rifftastic "Remnants Of Battle", to closing judgment "Writs Of Blood", increases in impetus and might, lending definite air of continuity, as well as heightened, unflagging momentum. Actually, "Remnants Of Battle" might very well represent Ceres' apotheosis...which, suffice to say, isn't some historically revered temple in Athens or Crete. While its predecessor adheres to faster, metallic tempo, the latter grandly subsists by means of rad, cut-throat shuffle most will find impossible to not hurl both themselves and chairs (including rare, pricey ones from era of Louis XIV) into nearest canal over. For their sizzling part, leads are poignantly timed and fired up for maximum pyrotechnic effect, especially throughout EP's second half.

Ceres' Tyrant's Rise is a massive achievement, this early on in the joust. Fans of cult finaglers such as Angel Sword, Blazon Rite, Eternal Champion and Visigoth will crumble unto themselves for lack of multiple, head rolling returns!