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Nine Attractions - 30%

Petrus_Steele, April 12th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2012, 2CD, Weird Truth Productions (Limited edition)

Dreams We Have Written is literally (and that's implying if they'll ever release new material) the band's entire discography in two CDs: the first CD being the two and only LPs, and the second CD being the collection of old material and the Promo 2001 demo. I must say, it's quite neat! Of course, I'm not going to review the two LPs since they individually deserve to be reviewed. My main focus of this review is to cover the nine tracks on the second CD only, so keep an eye on that, not to get confused.

Pretty much all the songs that ended up on the debut album, Into the Autumn Shade were re-recorded and remixed - and rightfully so, because their original versions are bad; too raw and aren't fun to listen. For instance, the original version of Incarnated Entity is too traditional, has more drum work, and isn't as good as the death/doom, re-recorded version. The other two tracks that ended on the album, Unveiled Tears of Utter Anguish (which was later re-titled and shortened to Unveiled Tears) and Our Mourning Forever Shrouds sound like they were recorded live or something. Most of the other tracks on the CD fall under the same categories: mostly of traditional death metal style, raw, and not fun to listen.

What I did like is the original version of Under the Eternal Horizon. That's a perfect death/doom track that even has some gothic metal influence. I didn't like the version from the Promo 2001 demo because it was much different from the original. And the final and instrumental track, Icons, was a good, long listen; also from Promo 2001. So keep in mind, the rating goes specifically for the second CD, not the first.