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Ceremonial Embrace > Oblivion > Reviews
Ceremonial Embrace - Oblivion

Where Emptiness Prevails - 90%

MoonShadeX, July 8th, 2010

Very rare album, but well worth the effort to find it. Another band with only one fantastic release that is overlooked for its rarity. However I sit here listening to "Oblivion" for at least the 20th time with high respect for what this band has achieved. Not a perfect release, but a definite must for true fans of Sympho-Black. The album starts off with "Mysterious Fate" sending the tone for what this album is going to be like, and the album just gets better and better. Ceremonial Embrace are known for creating hellish, depressing, epic atmosphere with their keyboards with some of the most ghoulish vocals that are near Indecipherable, blasting drums, and fast tremelo picking by both guitarests. This mixture is one of the few sympho black bands that capitalize again and again creating great riffs without getting boring or repeatitive. Songs like "Bloodshed Stains", "Last Remains Of The Pathetic Empire" and " A Touch Of Dismal Night" show the true potiental that this band had, I was looking forward to a second release because their website had said they were working on it, but I believe they split up sometime after their last website update.