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A very solid start! - 80%

Werewolf, November 20th, 2012

Although this band had been formed only around a year before this release saw the light of day, professionalism can be noticed here since the 1st riff, which is not surprising considering the fact that it consists of Victimizer, Church Bizarre, Karnarium, and more already known in the underground bands’ members.

Cerekloth plays simply old school death metal as it used to be when the bands from Florida used to rule supreme and albums like From Beyond and The Dead Shall Inherit were setting new standards in the history of aggression and brutality. These musicians know how to handle their instruments and how to write decent riffs that sound as good as the classics they’re inspired by without ripping them off and write decent solos.

The only thing I don’t like here is the high-pitched growls that are added here and there like in Deicide’s albums, but overall it’s well done and very impressive for the first release. In addition to the 2 original songs “Pandemonium Prayers” and “Touch of the Scythe”, there is also a decent cover of Deicide’s “Lunatic of God's Creation”, and as someone who can’t stand this band because of the annoying “growl+squeel” parts, I would say that both Deicide and Cerekloth could be some of my favorite bands if their vocalists didn't experiment with their voices the way they do. Check out this ep, for the future of this band seems to be very promising!