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An Eviscerating Yet Simplistic Aural Experience - 90%

SocietalSpit, July 11th, 2008

So in 1990, we had a plethora of influential and unique sounding Death and Thrash coming from all over the world. But more specifically, the DM scene was truly expanding and developing. At the time, Death Metal was highly thrash influenced with bands like Benediction, Death, Malevolent Creation, Napalm Death, Massacre, Master etc. And with Tower of Spite by Cerebral Fix, you truly get unique blend of Death and Thrash.

Instrumentally, the album reeks of the UK Death and Hardcore scenes with it's gritty atmosphere and raw styled instrumentation. The musicianship is simplistic with absolutely no flashiness. Track after track, the band churns out riff after riff of brutality. Stylistically, their sound can be compared to early Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Heresy, Cryptic get the idea. Their sound is heavily simplistic, but diverse throughout their playing with heavily contrasted riffs ranging from a mid paced death metal riffs in the style of Bolt Thrower or Obituary.. to speed metal like early Kreator....and then some UK hardcore thrown in the mix.

Definitely worth a listen..especially to fans of early Death Metal and the late period Thrash/Crossover styled bands. You'll find a very unique sound and some catchy and tasteful riffs.

Grittiest UK thrash ever. - 75%

Corimngul, April 7th, 2005

Cerebral Fix really stands out among the other UK thrash bands as one of the better and one of the darker. Actually I’d say it’s the grittiest of them all. The way they’ve traded the traditional speed for heaviness makes ‘em sound rather evil and probably better too. As they on all their records have tended to get rather monotonous it’s at least good they didn’t do monotonous fast but instead monotonous slow (slow for thrash that is) so that their riffs and bass lines really grows and that their roaring, chainsaw qualities really can be heard and their gruffly vocalist is able to make his vocals even more biting and stingy evil. Sometimes more speed could’ve helped out, as some songs features the same thing over and over again – but slowly.

Released in the same year as Rust in Peace and Coma of Souls, Cerebral Fix still did good enough to pride themselves. While this is conform, uniform whatever and the structures are far from complex, it’s good. It’s catchy, pounding and evil. Also Cerebral Fix really was distinctive, they set themselves apart with this rather unique style. One could describe Cerebral Fix like Dark Angel minus most of the dirt, most of the riffs, the speed and add a punchy rhythm. Or one could sum it up with a damn good album if not for the repetitiveness to it.