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The Phil Anselmo stamp of approval - 90%

tshred666, October 9th, 2012

When I first heard this, I was surprised to hear Anselmo talking. But it makes sense, the members of Cerebral Bore being big Pantera fans and whatnot. But I digress, I'm here to talk about the song, not Phil Anselmo or Pantera.

Musically, it's right in line with what they've been doing, but there's a greater sense of melody and direction. The riffs follow a logical path, each one building off the last one, whereas with past work the riffs were just glued together. The song starts off with a quick bass fill before dropping into a frantic tremolo riff, then after the first verse it switches into a sped up groove riff for the second verse. With the third verse things start to slow down with some really technical chugs for the next couple stanzas, before picking up steam alternating between chug riffs and semi-melodic tremolo riffs. This goes on for about thirty second before picking up into some melodic skanin' which blends into melodic blasting with Som delivering some really sick rasps. The track finishes off with some standard mid-tempo tech riffs ripped straight from the Suffocation playbook.

So, have they really progressed into new territory? No, but they have managed to take their brand of streamlined, yet incredibly chaotic and frantic brutal death metal to another, much more effective level. If they stick with this more cohesive direction I'll gladly pick up any up coming record.

Horrendous Acts of Iniquity - 90%

Slasher666, March 2nd, 2012

Cerebral Bore's "The Dead Flesh Architect" and "Maniacal Miscreation" were both very good albums, both of which I enjoyed greatly. Now they've released a new single titled "Horrendous Acts of Iniquity." I heard this through word of mouth; Ed "The Infidel" Veter (also known as Infidelamsterdam, his YouTube personality) introduced his viewers, including myself, to this single as its premiere. I've heard great things about this single and I wasn't going to waste any more time staring at my computer screen. I then played the song. I can say with confidence that Cerebral Bore have exceeded some songs on their debut album. This one is definitely an improvement and a big step in the right direction. For starters, Som sounds really pissed off in this single and it adds to the brutality of it all. It's almost as if she's fueled by copious amounts of rage. In a way, they sound a bit different; they're louder, more intense and in your face most of the time, as if you can't get a breath of fresh air. Paul's guitars are sick as always, but they're nothing different from "Miscreation". It sounds exactly the same, however that doesn't mean I'll deduct points as he did a great job shredding. The drums executed by McDibet are extremely fast and it presents a great deal of skill. He has improved a lot in terms of a clean execution of drums. On the previous debut he had some sloppy moments, but now everything is totally clean and brutal. Kyle's bass lines are always a pleasure to listen to, even though it's nothing different from "Miscreation", it still packs a punch into this track. A great single all around.

This song sound promising and means we can look forward to any upcoming album the band will be making in the near future. The sound is good, the skill is superb, and everything in between is executed flawlessly. A job well done to the band and we, the fans, are hoping to see a new album sometime soon.