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Not Pitch Shifted - 80%

optimuszgrime, May 16th, 2008

Yes I agree with the previous reviewers in many of their views. Every moron in sight can see that there is an over proliferation of slam influenced brutal American styled death metal. Most of those bands suck, this is also true. Yet is it not strange that half of the accusers of this album do not listen to brutal death metal, let alone slam death? If they would they would know that equating this music with Devourment is like saying At The Gates is the same as Nihilist because, hey, they are both Swedish, right? In one word, it is under educated idiotic lashing out at anything they do not understand. Yes that sort of music, like any other form of metal when made into an unthinking trend as is the case with slam death metal nowadays, is destroying metal. Does this mean there are no bands that play this music well? I will let you be the judge of that.
To start off, this music can hardly be categorized as metal. Most of these bands do not think of themselves as metal bands, but rater insist they play death-grind. Notice how they get rid of the metal from the death metal moniker. They do this because they are aware of the fact that they do not play metal. It has its roots in the American death metal tradition, but it is a breaking point from that tradition. Secondly, yes this album has some glaring faults. One is the dead production, over triggered and over produced. Two is the fact that this album does have fillers, songs that go absolutely nowhere but just kinda bash your brains in and then leave. Three is the fact that the guitarists play one style of riff, and that is slamming. That is all the guitars do, slam and slam some more. This gets tiring after roughly 4 songs, but the album only has 9, so minus the fillers, you are left with a very powerful demo.

The good points that no one is pointing out are the drums, the vocals, and the over all song structuring, as well as the mission of this band. Since the latter seems to be the most confusing, let me spell it out for you guys. These people wanted to make an album where nothing happens but slamming. They wanted to release a death-grind album that is slow and heavy as all hell, and yes they did succeed. And they managed to not rip off anyone too much, not anymore than in any other genre of metal, at least. Influences of course are the typical Devourment, Disgorge (US) in terms of sound, Inhuman Dissiliency, etc. but they play that music with very much their own twist. The rhythmic subtleties on this album are astounding. In the very first song we get a breakdown that is structured in a way that while the guitar plays a four-four riff that is slanted to have an emphasis on the three, while the drummer plays a 6/8 beat under it, disorienting the listener to no end. You simply do not expect riffs like that. But of course they are slamming, so it’s just the same old shit right? I mean, every other band is writing riffs like the aforementioned, right? Wrong. Another thing that people are wrong about when it comes to this band is of course the vocals. They are inhaled gurgling vocals, to be sure, but have you ever heard a person sound quiet like this? They are not typical, they are throatier than usual, and are wet and smacking sounding. I mean when this guy gurgles, you can hear the liquid moving around. Maybe a sign to stop smoking. Anyhow it is real gross and dominates the sounds very well. His singing can also be characterized as technical, as he changes between his vocal ranges along with the music and to a set pattern, not just emoting his words like most metal singers. In fact, that might be the reason why people do no like his vocals, they do not emote. It is something else alright, but then why call this typical?

To end this review, I think this album is great, it has comedic value, and is great fun to listen to. It is riff centric, pulverizing and slow, but with a crappy recording sound. I might as well be saying that about Thergothon, too. This album also has some fillers, some good ideas, and only one style of guitar work. If you do not mind an album that is dominated by the vocalist and the drummer, get this by all means. Few bands within the whole shit infested and kitschy world of slam make it their prerogative to be the epitome of everything good about slamming, and offer no quarter form the slamming riffs. As such it is an interesting listen. Too bad about the fillers and terrible recording, but next time they may grow enough to realize the sound that is best for their music. A good debut. And by the way, the vocals are NOT PITCH SHIFTED!! Do your homework, losers.