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Not for Slam-Haters - 80%

ScatologyDomine, May 21st, 2008

Looking at the average for this album, you'd expect a terrible album. This is true of most slam death metal bands. Slam is a horrible divider in extreme metal, it seems. Perhaps it's due to the vague similarity to metalcore breakdowns that so many metalheads seem to hate. Perhaps it's due to the overall simplicity of a lot of slam sections. Perhaps it's due to the fact that due to the drop tuning and drum patterns, a lot of people think it all sounds the same. Either way, it seems like the people that hate slam are just about the only ones reviewing it.

As such, it seems as if the whole world hates Cephalotripsy, and if that's the case I can't figure out how they're getting so many shows. The entire metal community can't be comprised of "wiggers", obviously. So what is it? I don't think I'll ever know.

What I do know is that this album is a fairly solid album of slam death metal. No doubt, there are a few problems with the album: the triggered bass drums are the most dreadfully fake drums I've ever heard, the guitar lacks a little in the tone (little more low-end would have helped), and those lyrics sure aren't decipherable. It's not a perfect album, but it is a solid slam album.

The lyrics are quite interesting, if not a little cryptic. The lyricist has an impressive vocabulary (I looked up a word or two), and seems to have the right balance of bullshit pathology terms instead of going overboard. The average listener can still pronounce and remember the song titles of their favorite songs, unlike a lot of gore bands out today (I'm pointing at you, Lymphatic Phlegm).

The delivery is a little lacking, though. The vocalist has an extremely impressive low, burp-type vocal (even his pig squeals are the lowest I've ever heard) that doesn't seem to be processed or pitchshifted. While the vocals are worthwhile and aid in creating effective slam death, it's almost as if he might as well not even write lyrics. Every guttural syllable sounds to be "Er" or an occasional "Eee" for flavor. Nonetheless, the exteme low vocals work for this band, where for another band they may have been useless.

Musically, the album is exceptionally good for slam. The song structures are fairly similar to Devourment, with alternating fast sections, grooves and slam sections. I'm reminded of the "Butcher the Weak" album with a much-needed production boost. I still would have put the guitars a bit higher in the mix, but this is a matter of personal preference. The production works well for a slam album.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys slam or groove-based goregrind and pornogrind. This album is about halfway between Devourment and Cock and Ball Torture, and will please fans of both.