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Cephalotripsy = Devourment = Utter Crap... - 0%

MorturomDemonto, June 23rd, 2007

Listening to this record was a complete waste of my time. I have a theory that most Brutal Death Metal bands with gore related themes tend to blow, and are a complete waste of time. My theory has once again been proven. Let's start off with a brief description of what the sound like.

Cephalotripsy = Devourment. With better production.

I'm sick of all this "Brutal Slam Death" faggotry infesting the genre. Same goes for Deathcore, but that's a different story for now. I honestly don't understand why wiggers have had a sudden interest in Brutal Death Metal. This is disgusting. These bands are too stupid to realize that relying on the same song structure throughout one single album does not get you anywhere. Well, maybe with the scene kids it does, but not with people who have a sense of integrity.

The guitars are cleanly produced, but very boring, typical, bland, stupid chug-a-chug rhythms then moving into tremolo picking. Nothing interesting one bit here. The bass. You can't hear it. Nor do I want to hear it. With a band this boring and typical, I would rather run outside naked, take a shit in the middle of the street and be arrested by the police. That would be much more entertaining and adreline pumping than this worthless album. The drums are again your typical "Brutal Slam Death" patterns, moving from mid-paced rhythms to blast-beats, switching back and forth constantly. The vocals can only be described in one way. Garbage. WHY DO BANDS USE PITCH-SHIFTED VOCALS NOW? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OLD DEATH GROWL?! This constant gargling, pig squealing is all boring, a word which I've overused, but this is the only way to describe this album. The production is good, and I think they spent much more time on it than actually trying to produce a Brutal Death Metal album with integrity and sense of actual musicianship.

I recommend you go kill yourself first if you want to buy this album.