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An example of the state of extreme metal - 5%

Dark_Mewtwo1, October 17th, 2007

I dont like writing negative reviews. You look at my reviews list, and I praise albums that I love, because I feel that I should support them, then maybe people will listen and appreciate the work as much as I do. But this, this is an anti-support review. This album is one of the things wrong with metal today. Bands like Cephalotripsy trade any semblance of good music and just pound away at the same 1 1/2 step downtuned chords, combined with the equally unimpressive bree-breeing vocals and horrible sounding triggered snare drums. The worst part is that this sounds exactly the same as the previous slam/brutal death album. There's no originality or soul in this music.

Honestly, I could not sit through this album the first time through. Repeated listens helped me come to the conclusion that this is a bad record. The main thing that is wrong with this and most brutal death metal out there is the guitar sound. When you downtune your guitar so much, add so much overdrive and distortion, and just bash away on it, you dont get a great riff, you get static. And that's what the guitar sounds like throughout this album, static. Brutal death static. The type of stuff that metal's detractors always harp about. This seriously takes no talent to do. Combine this with some of the worst sounding drums I've heard in my life, and you've got this. Then you still have the heavily pitchshifted vocals that you cant understand, hardly audible bass lines, and drum patterns that seriously make you question whether these guys have any ear for good music. What's going on? And the cover is just like any other BDM cover to boot.

I guess the 5 percent I'm giving this album is from the fact that these guys actually got a record deal out of playing this. I can't find a single riff or breakdown or passage in this whole album that is worth listening to. Its all the same. There's no personality in the music. The sterile-sounding production brings out the lack of soul or substance in each song. To me, it sounds like the producer and the engineers just let the sessions ride, not bothering to do much but maybe move a level or two. Maybe they realized they were working with musicians who don't understand that 5 riffs being played on top of a down-tempo double bass pattern doesn't make a good song. It's very disappointing to see that an album like this exists. It gives fuel to the idea that metal fans are mindless, screaming idiots that bash on their instruments for hours and call it music.

Just stay away from this album. I would say to stay away from this style of metal, but there are bands that put their talents to good use and actually make this style of music sound great. But, Cephalotripsy does not, and I don't recommend wasting your time and money on an album as bad as this.