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Mind Numbing Brutality! - 86%

BassLord, March 26th, 2007

Wow, just wow. That was the first thing I could think of when I first heard this band, and now that I have their debut full length, my initial thoughts are only further reinforced. This band is just ridiculously brutal. There isn't one riff on this whole cd that doesn't bludgeon your skull.

Musically, I would make some comparisons to Devourment, as this band does rely very heavily on endless streams of palm muted, chuggy riffs, but Cephalotripsy is a little less grindy than Devourment. There are certainly more than enough blasts, on this record, but the riffing tends to favor a mid-tempo slam style. The drumming on this album is excellent. All the beats perfectly complement the riffs, and the drummer certainly does'nt go overboard and blast non-stop, he knows when to lay things down, and when to go nuts. There are some very technical moments in the drumwork however, and the use of gravity blasts is realy cool as well.

The vocals on the other hand, are simply out of control. This guy is doing something I've never really heard before. His vocals are a mix of croaking and gargling, with some squeels thrown in. But it's his delivery that is totally unique, as I've never heard anyone quite like this guy. However, I find it strange that this band takes the time to write lyrics as detailed and excellently written as they do, as no sound this guy makes resembles a word on the lyric sheet.

The production on this album is superb. Every instrument sounds great and is perfectly level with the rest of the instruments.The drum sound is particularly noteworthy, especially the bass drums. You can even make out the extremely subtle dynamics in the snare drum and cymbal work. This album is pretty sick overall, and any fan of ultra brutal death should check this out, especially fans of Devourment.