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Strange, but Enjoyable - 100%

hardcoremetal6969, December 10th, 2012

I don't know much about Cephalic Carnage, but I'm a pretty big Anal Blast fan, so when I saw this on Ebay, I immediately snatched it up. I awaited its arrival and slammed it into my stereo when it finally got here. Before I even begin on the music, the artwork deserves some voice. The front cover is misleading, because on neither side is it disgusting. But, if you turn the jewel case over and look at the tracklisting, behind the track names are more than your share of vaginas and assholes. I had to stop and look at it a couple times. But, that's not the worst. If you remove the disc, the art underneath it is...shit. Literally, a woman eating a turd. I'm still mentally scarred. Now, since that's out of the way, let's get to the music.

The first 21 songs are Cephalic Carnage. I was considering skipping these, but I figured, why not listen to them, I did pay for them. So I listened, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy I did. It's just so heavy; there's really no other way of putting it. Most of the songs are pretty short, so you get a couple seconds of mutilation until the next song starts. Even the tracks that aren't music are pretty enjoyable, since everything is pretty disgusting. I have to say, I was really shocked by how much I liked this. The top track by Cephalic Carnage is the title track "Perversion and the Guilt After". Being the only track longer than 3 minutes, it really blows you away. It never stops for any interludes; it's just pure raw metal. My neck still hurts from the excessive headbanging. But, although the Cephalic Carnage was much better than I expected, my favorite part of this disc is the Anal Blast side.

"Version 5.Obese" starts with the song "I Only Hit You Because Your Pretty When You Cry" (what a name!). It's pretty heavy, but the part I noticed the most is that it is much faster than the Cephalic Carnage. Not at all bad; in fact, it just makes the slower part in the song much heavier. The album is like this most of the time. I also like the lyrics (or at least the parts I can understand). Its mostly about raping women and other gory subjects; but that's what I love about Anal Blast. But, the vocals don't make this album great. It's the heaviness of this work that makes it so great. Even "Clottage Cheese" is pretty good, and it is an instrumental track. The tracks that stand out the most to me are "High on Cunt Blood" and "Cum Shitting Whore". "High on Cunt Blood" is more memorable because it is the only track with an actual melody that they repeat more than once (besides "Beer Bong Enema"). But the track is also a very fun track; it really just makes you want to stand up and just beat the shit out anything closest to you. "Cum Shitting Whore" is also one of my favorites because not only is it very good instrumentally, but the vocals help a lot more in this song than in the others. The bonus track at the end is also very good, but the actually song "Cum Shitting Whore" is what makes it great. Plus, the chorus just makes me laugh my ass off: "Cum on my chair, she shits cum on my carpet!" It's just to fucking funny!

This is a pretty good fucking CD, probably my favorite grindcore album of all time. The best songs are "Perversion and the Guilt After" by Cephalic Carnage, and "High on Cunt Blood" and "Cum Shitting Whore", by Anal Blast. I recommend this work to anyone who is a fan of either band. The Cephalic Carnage is heavier, but the Anal Blast is just more instrumentally good, and also much funnier. All in all, the Anal Blast is better, but I'm not discouraging Cephalic Carnage; it's pretty fucking good. But make sure that, if you do buy this, to get a seatbelt because your in for a pretty fucked up ride!