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Sounds Like It Could Come From the Heydays - 98%

Lord_Deathrot, September 16th, 2010

While becoming acquainted with grindcore via a local band, Aborted Jesus Milkshake, I was apprehensive about approaching this abrasive and strange sub-genre. After hearing good things about Cephalic Carnage, I decided to give them a listen. And strangely, I began with their latest offering that has just recently come out, "Misled by Certainty".

This was a surprise to me as I expected this to be pure abrasiveness and noise, but Cephalic Carnage mix it up with some technical elements to render what they call "hydrogrind". However I found the drug references minimal on here, although theres no doubt that these guys came up with some lyrics via the bong n blunt.

With its southern-ish sounding guitars this album is truly unique in the grindcore genre and I doubt theres any band doing what Cephalic Carnage are. Its technical, with sporadic time changes and random solos. Its pure strangeness, but yet I like it a lot.

If there was a band to convert me to their unique brand of grindcore it would be Cephalic Carnage, they favour technicality over just pure noise and yet still come out as aggressive and dark. If Napalm Death and Sleep collided this would no doubt be a similar result in Cephalic Carnage and their overall sound.

I was impressed by this release and it has influenced me to look at their other releases and see if they're half as good as "Misled by Certainty". This is a great later addition to 2010, and it reeks with creativity, aggression and technicality. I thoroughly enjoyed this album. I think it is a contender for grindcore classic, if not album of the year.