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If only this was the band's first album... - 74%

TheSunOfNothing, March 26th, 2009

I'll start out by saying I own or have owned most of Cephalic Carnage's albums at some point in time, largly because for a long time I hated the band, but wanted to get into them so badly that I downloaded "Exploiting Dysfunction" and hated it, then downloaded "Xenosapian", and hated it, then I downloaded "Lucid Interval", and something clicked.

Regardless, I was obsessed. I loved them so much that I bought "Anomalies" shortly after and loved every minute of it as well. I think it may have been the band's vast abilities. In example, "Pseudo" mixes grindcore and modern overly technical death metal, while the title track takes a more Death-style of Tech death, with more emphasis on melody. Also, "Black Metal Sabbath" is notable, for it's use of Black metal and Stoner/sludge metal.

There is a large use of "epic" tracks on the album, with those tracks being "Anthro-Emisis", "Pseudo", "Black Metal Sabbath", "Lucid Interval", and "Arsonist Savior". Unfortunatly, these are arguably the only songs worth listening to, as many of the other songs are uninteresting and sound as though the band wanted to make sure everyone remembered they were a grindcore band. They contain everything the other songs contain and more.

I would be rating this much higher if the band hadn't released two shit storms before this, and it's really sad that it took them 2 full length albums before they finally made a good cd. Oh, well...

Anyway, all in all, it's a good purchase. It's forgettable in moments, but any true grindcore fan should be used to that, and also it contains many flaws, but what album doesn't **cough*Colors*cough**? It's not essential in any way, but that doesn't keep it from being fun!