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Brutal, tight musicianship, awesome album. - 95%

Skyklad, October 28th, 2002

Hell yeah ! Brutality ! That´s exactly what CEPHALIC CARNAGE continue to offer on their latest album, "Lucid Interval": all out brutality with grindingly excellent, tight musicianship without forgetting about adding in unique twists here and there. My favourite aspect of these guys is their ability to travel from an almost doomy plodding tempo, then switch to all out chaos that makes you come close to having an epileptic fit and lastly throwing in some stoned out, psychadelic passages occasionally. The production is good, riffing sharp and the sound effects they intersperse throughout fit nicely with their controlled chaos. To finish off this Death Grind package are the ever popular indecipherable vomiting vocals sometimes accompanyed by clean, spoken lines. All in all I am quite pleased with this release and recommend it to those who enjoy good Grind, Death Metal. Website: