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Grind with a killer twist. - 89%

caspian, October 19th, 2005

I admit, I'm not the biggest grind fan. I prefer my songs 10 minutes long instead of 2 minutes long, I prefer a long build up to a never ending change of riffs, and for me, most grindcore bands mainly consist of a few random riffs stuck together. Still, having heard interesting things about this band, and them being compared to The Dillinger Escape Plan, made me want to get this album. I'm glad I did, because It's a very good showing of all the good parts of grind, with some interesting doom-y bits added in for good measure.

This album kicks off with a pretty damn good song. Scientific Remote Viewing has some interesting lyrics, though the vocals are a bit awkward in some places. Still, it has some really damn good riffs. The first bit is really great, consisting of some really heavy, straight up metal riffing. The blast beats soon kick in, and it's fun for the whole family. For the most part, this album is pure old school grind, though there are some interesting Melodic-Death style riffing in Counting The Days. Wraith has some interesting single note lines, with some very fast blasting underneath. It's good that Cephalic Carnage aren't too scared too write a simple song too. They understand that a progression through 4 riffs can be more powerful then a songs with 15 different riffs. It's that fairly simple philosophy which make this band stand out from all the mediocre grind bands. They may not be as complex as some of the more extreme grind bands, but all their songs are memorable.

While for the most part, this album is furious grindcore, there's a little bit of genre hopping to be enjoyed here. Piecemaker is a really heavy slab of groove metal, although there's still a few good twists in it. Dying will be the Death of me has a real big metalcore feel to it, but again, Cephalic Carnage put their own twist. In fact, that's probably the best song on this album. There's a big solo in it, some straight up clean vocals, and still plenty of room for fast grind riffing. it's a really damn good song. Inside is Out is basically a Jazz song for the most part, while Sleeprace has another cool solo in it. The final song, Ontogeny of Behaviour, is a beast that almost clocks in at ten minutes. Hell, you could almost see this in a Isis album.

This album really was a surprise for me. I bought it for the heavy moments, but it's the slower, steadier metal riffs that really do it for me. If you're a grindcore fan, you'll really like this album for all of it's fury, the time signature changes and the stupidly complicated riffs. If you're just a fan of good ol' heavy metal, you might dig this album too, because this album peaks when Cephalic Carnage stop the grinding and sit on a riff for a while. Maybe not as good as DEP, but still really good.