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Great for the open minded - 89%

MetalMadman666, February 23rd, 2005

I have been a Cephalic Carnage fan for quite a while, and I just recently got this album. In my opinion it's the most coherent album they've released yet. Cephalic Carnage can best be described as musical mad scientists, fusing together multiple genres and styles of metal. When I first heard this album I was blown away. Instead of going for the style on previous albums where they wrote songs in seperate styles this album is a coherent listen from start to finish without sacrificing diversity. There are nods to grind (especially the more riff heavy varieties such as Necrotism era Carcass and Extreme Conditions era Brutal Truth), mosh style death such as Suffocation, At the Gates style riffing and solos, jazzy bits, and stoner metal akin somewhat to Bongzilla. As with previous albums the musicianship is superb- the guitarists show their ability to solo in different forms such as a melodic death style solo on "Dying Will Be the Death of Me" and a very nice bluesy solo on "Sleeprace". This band is best as musical chameleons- they imitate Meshuggah, At the Gates, Carcass, and Acid Bath very well at times. Their vocalist has increased his range of vocal styles on this album as well, brutally grunting, rasping, shouting, and singing. The main thing about this album is that if you don't enjoy a wide range of metal music, you probably won't enjoy it- grind fans will hate the stoner rock and clean guitar interludes and those interested in the less brutal melodic aspects of the band will dislike the discordant grinding sections. Listen to this with a closed mind and be disappointed. Listen to this with a love for metal in general and you'll find a real gem.