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Akerthorpe, May 15th, 2013

I didn't hold much hope for Centurian's new release entitled "Contra Rationem" as I have never really been a fan of these guys. I must say, though, that I was impressed with this particular release. The sound is nice and thick although if it were a tad rawer in production it would have added a nice touch to this CD. These guys have been at it since 1997 and with only 1 demo and 3 full-length cds under their belt, you can tell that these guys take pride in their work and want things done right. Even though I've never really cared for these guys, I still have the highest respect for them and I'm even going to go back and check their earlier releases out again just to see if in fact I was missing something.

The influences and vibes here are plentiful and include the following: Vader, Krisiun, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Behemoth and Malevolent Creation. The drumwork takes me back to early 90's death metal. The riffing is pretty much straightforward while the solo work seems to be influenced a bit by the work of Jack Owen and Dave Suzuki at least in my opinion. The vocals seem to be influenced heavily by Deicide and Behemoth and are double tracked on some tracks which I usually do not care for but it actually works to an advantage on this album. Pretty much everything thing on this CD is old school and traditional and is definitely something that is truly uplifting to the spirit of death metal and should appeal to most of those who love this genre. This CD has 9 songs and clocks in at a little less than 30 minutes but rest assured that it is absolute brutality and chaos from beginning to end.

The artwork is a bit odd yet horrific in an abstract sort of way. not sure what the band was going for here but nonetheless, it is still pretty cool. After hearing this CD for the second time, I think it is a shame that this band has not released more material than they have. Hopefully, with this new album and a renewed spirit, these guys will write and record more old school inspired anthems such as the ones displayed here. Sometimes it takes a CD like this to make you take a second look at a band that otherwise you would just catagorize as a copycat band. Also, after hearing this CD, I am a little more openminded when it comes to bands that I don't like the first time I hear them. Centurian is a prime example of a band that can make you take a second look and believe in the sincerity that they are here to make the highest quality death metal possible.