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One of the best CENTINEX recordings ever!!! - 95%

dismember_marcin, March 29th, 2010

This is the third and last demo tape from Swedish CENTINEX! I have to say that after a slight disappointment from “Under the Blackened Sky” this was in many ways a real test for this band. And surprisingly these guys did risk quite a lot while recording “Transcend the Dark Chaos”, as they decided to change the studio and opted for UNISOUND; so one maestro of Swedish death metal sound was swapped for another one… But I have to say that even though some of productions made by Dan Swano weren’t the best, here he succeeded. When I listen to this demo now, I can truly admit that I love the sound of “Transcend the Dark Chaos”. OK, maybe it is a little bit raw, but it’s also very “meaty” and thick, effectively triggering the energy of CENTINEX music. Well heard bass guitar is one of its best details, as well as punching drums.

But it’s the tracklist that’s a real treasure of the demo. CENTINEX managed to record some of their best tunes so far on it and also showed an impressive, almost surprising change of their stylistic direction. First of all “Transcend the Dark Chaos” is more aggressive, uncompromising and sinister, but at the same time it’s much more melodic than the previous releases! It does sound like CENTINEX taken some influences from bands like early DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM, UNCANNY and even AT THE GATES, bringing here many catchy melodies that are infectious and dark, but which are mostly played in high tempos, delivering an outstanding feeling, intensity, aggression and energy. Each songs is based on it, but the structures are far beyond what was on earlier recordings – it’s taken to the point where CENTINEX sounds like a different band!

I’ve mentioned acts like DISSECTION and SACRAMENTUM… Trust me, in these crazy fast tempos CENTINEX does sound like a melodic Swedish death / black metal band of such type – just listen to “At the Everlasting End” and “Transcend the Dark Chaos”. And there’s plenty of fast playing here! Of course nothing’s easy and together with crushing, massively fast bulldozers like the title song you’ll find here also slower, filled with melody “Eternal Lies”… and here and there you may spot almost doom metal parts. Agghhhh! And fuck yeah, it all works totally great. I love all the songs, they simply shred, so definitely I don’t regret that CENTINEX has moved away from the classic Swedish death metal style into this melodic death / black hybrid. The demo is worth of everybody’s attention and luckily was published in 1996 on compilation CD “Malleus Maleficarum”, what saved it from being forgotten. Recommended!