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Not original, but powerful and fast - 87%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, April 1st, 2009

Here we come to the third album of one of the most overlooked bands in death metal, Centinex. Well, even the name of the label that produced this album doesn’t sound that well or promising for a band that was trying to come out from the mud of the underground but Reflection is still a very good effort, without being that special or original. We all know the Centinex formula and even this album is not that far in style. Get ready for more classic death metal because there’s nothing more here.

We begin with the uncontrollable fury of the opener, “Carnal Lust”. The up tempo is almost always present and the guitars are constantly on a dark tremolo as the vocals are growled but not that excessively. They remind me the Malevolent Creation ones in more than one occasion, as the music has few death/thrash moments too. The fast bass drums sections are well-done and really heavy even if the production made them sound a bit too mechanical or artificial and unclean. The more mid-paced moments come with few stop and go and the keyboards that announce a more melodic solo. The following “Seven Prophecies” is utterly dark and apocalyptic with the slow progression of the instruments, the base of the keyboards and the tremolo on the guitars. The up tempo sections are reminiscent of the black metal of those years as well!

The first blast beats come with the frantic black/death assault of “Before the Dawn” and the sound of the bells. “The Dimension Beyond” features a fucking great tempo for the fast parts, full of incredibly dynamic sections, doom breaks and loads of riffs. They are quite complex and they come across each other in a superb way to be also catchy and brutal at the same time. “My Demon Within” is more black metal for the tremolo work on the guitars and the blast beats but the up tempo sections always conserve that hint of death/thrash influences. Here we go again with nasty bass drums restarts out from nowhere as the intensity is just unbelievable. Don’t be fooled by the more melodic intro to “In Pain”, because the rest is simply brutal and the keyboards/melodic breaks by the middle are just awesome!

“Undivined” follows the same infernal style, always on the borderline between the death and the black that lies on the guitars and the general atmosphere they create. The obscure mid-tempo sections and the clean, whispered vocals increase the black sensation. “Darkside” is always on fast paces but the riffs are not that common and few patterns are quite original to give a hint of variety among all those violent riffs as we arrive to the final “Into The Funeral Domain”. The darkness reaches great levels even if the structures are not altered, but we can also find the melodic section when we come to the end, with the guitars playing clearly and slowly.

Well, all things considered, this is not a hyper various album, but it’s surely better than Malleus Maleficarum. The band has acquired more power and also the production is far more compact and powerful. It’s a shame that albums like this one are so overlooked because they are able to transmit always great sensations, especially when you are searching for speed and brutality.