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Average but quite compact. - 62%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 21st, 2008

I believe that Centinex are THE forgotten Swedish death metal group. Active since 1990, they always stayed in a sort of "eternal underground" respect to other bands. Maybe, it’s because they never released a masterpiece in my opinion, but even if they had done it, the things wouldn’t have changed.

They death metal style is a very direct one that sometimes is opened to a more obscure touch in the guitars, almost black metal. The vocals here are quite common, with growls but also a bit too low in tonality. The tempos are very fast, like in the opener and the following “Dark Visions” with some quite good black metal oriented riffs. The drums work is very good, especially during some blast beats and the fast bass drum.

The doomish breaks within more obscure mid paced parts are another characteristic of their sound. “Sorrow Of The Burning Waste” has quite melodic guitar work, more focused on sad side with a great restart in speed. The production changes from the fourth track so here we have a less clear production but definitely more Swedish. Peter Tagtgren is a great producer but in this case has reduced the group's aggressive skill to me.

The music quality is more or less the same, so nothing great, but just quite enjoyable death metal. No standout tracks except for the melodic, speed “Eternal Lies”. All in all, this is a quite average death metal album that doesn’t achieve the goal of being so catchy with memorable songs. Anyway it’s compact and quite obscure.