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Melodic and Maniacal - 70%

TheAntagonist, October 31st, 2005

Centinex's Diabolical Desolation is a pretty standard death metal offering, but includes enough extra elements to set it apart from the pack. Firstly, the guitar work is top-notch caliber. You can almost detect the direct traditional heavy metal influence ala Iron Maiden. Most of the songs are hard driving, although they transition quite well into the melodic guitar solos. The title track is an excellent example of this.
The second element that sets it apart is the uncharacteristic, yet well-timed keyboard arrangements. They add some amazing atmosphere and feeling to make this album more than just run of the mill death metal.
What does hurt this album are the cliched death metal vocals. But if that is your cup of tea, than you will feel right at home. Also, the other drawback is the one-dimensionality of some of the tracks.
In closing, this was my first taste of Centinex and I was pretty impressed. If you like Death Metal with melodic leanings than you should check this out.