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More black than death...? - 70%

dismember_marcin, April 24th, 2010

Any line up change, of vocalist especially, will always be difficult for any band. With this 1999 minialbum CENTINEX presented two new musicians, Johan Jansson – vocals and Jonas Kjellgren – guitars (still no drummer in the line up though – was it really so damn hard to get someone in this bloody Sweden back then to play some cool death metal shit??). “Bloodhunt” brought also another important change, as CENTINEX decided to try completely new studio, moving to Avesta and visiting BLACK LOUNGE Studios for the first (not the last though) time in their career. Luckily all these changes didn’t do the band any harm as this material is equally strong and furious as the previous “Reborn Through Flames” killer CD.

Personally I had some worries with the new studio – the previous switch for the ABYSS was a mistake in my opinion and the comeback to SUNLIGHT (for "Reborn Through Flames" CD) was more than welcome - just listen to “Reborn...” again and judge yourself how strong this album's production is. Luckily BLACK LOUNGE came up with good sound, the one which actually helps the songs to be even more aggressive and angry and that’s what I want! It's maybe little bit too raw, but surely they did get the real essence of Swedish death / black metal in it!

And so the feast kicks off with “Under the Pagan Glory”, damn vicious and fast bastard that combines everything I like about CENTINEX – powerful and catchy melody with aggression and massive wall of sound – and the furious screaming of Jansson. There are some almost heavy metal influenced riffs in it at the end, what reminds me DECAMERON and A CANOROUS QUINTET a little, but better performed. “For Centuries Unfold” doesn’t even try to soft the music as it carries on with great melodic mid tempo riffage and “Luciferian Moon” is even faster and more violent, but again with some hints of classic metal in it.

I kind of noticed that CENTINEX has shortened their songs a bit, as only one of the six tracks goes for over four minutes, but in my opinion it only helps them to be more violent and straight forward. Just like the title track is or that fast fucker “The Conquest Infernal”, which is probably the fastest and most striking song on the “Bloodhunt”. The impression, while listening to this MCD, is that the music is sometimes more black than death metal (“Like Darkened Storms” being maybe the best example for that), with the slight influence of classic metal structures, but all played in the typical Swedish melodic style known from the late 90’s bands like VINTERLAND or A CANOROUS QUINTET. Yeah, the songs may be very similar to each other, but with only 20 minutes of music, “Bloodhunt” doesn’t get boring and really is a pleasurable experience... another one in this band’s discography.