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Cemetery - Engulfed in Obscurity

Average, but has potential - 72%

Drowned, December 1st, 2005

Cemetery were a pretty standard death metal band from France who only released this single demo under that name. It was one of the first death metal tapes I ever heard from that country, and in my mind I was hoping that it would be as cool as the early Loudblast and Merciless/Mercyless stuff. The cover and logo are totally killer, but the music itself is pretty lacking.

"Engulfed in Obscurity" contains three songs of mostly mid-paced, thrashy US-style death metal with a vocalist that sounds like Barney from Napalm Death. The production is hissy, but all the instruments are audible. The drummer is simple and sloppy, but plays his share of fast thrash beats with the addition of a few blasting sections. The vocals are deep, but I wouldn't really call them growls. They're more along the lines of heavy screams, if that makes any sense. The vocalist is weak and very one-dimensional, and it reflects onto the music. The guitarist, however, is proficient. There's lots of brief solos here and there that spice up the overall feel of the tape. The last song (the best on the demo) is the most guitar-oriented of the three and contains some catchy melodic leads and even a brief acoustic part in the beginning.

What Cemetery released here is a rather average tape. With some practice and a stronger vocalist they could have left a strong impression in the scene, but unfortunately this was their only recording and they soon changed their name and style to play more doom-oriented metal. For the record, I'm giving this demo a few extra points simply because I love the cover art!