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The beast is bound to end us all - 60%

TowardsMorthond, August 28th, 2012

Last Confessions marks the final recording from Cemetary before vocalist/guitarist Mathias Lodmalm shifted his priority to his new project, Sundown. At twenty-eight minutes and eight songs, and no lyrics or credits in the booklet, the album feels incomplete and carelessly constructed. The material functions within the same musical realm of straightforward gothic metal/rock as previous efforts, yet with a dirtier, heavier sound.

"The closer that you crawl
Just the further I will fall
Can’t keep me from dying
Can’t save me at all"

The majority of these songs are up‑tempo rockers laced with the band’s familiar dark atmospheres and melodies. The opening pair of "Forever" and "Caress The Damned" get the disc off to a storming start, with the latter in particular one of the best moments in the band’s history. Both are fantastic dark metal/rock songs full of atmosphere and emotion, fueled by powerful rhythms, glistening melodies, burning riffs, and engaging vocals. "Fields of Fire" is another highlight, a driving midnight rocker with an interesting whisper effect on the vocals that gives the track a ghostly aura. "Carbon Heart" sounds like a Sundown leftover, as its pattern reflects that album’s character of design, though its quicker pace makes it a better fit for this album. These four songs are the best the album has to offer. The remaining four range from decent (the psychedelically tinged space rocker "1213 Trancegalactica") to awful ("One Burning Night" features dreadfully uninspired vocals by Lodmalm over dull slow‑churning blues‑rock). Lodmalm would resurrect Cemetary a few years later with an all‑new line‑up, but at the time Last Confessions felt like a rushed and ultimately disappointing send‑off for one of the most underrated bands of the gothic/doom metal genre.