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Blackened is the end. - 100%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, August 2nd, 2011

There are some bands that don't even need to be uttered in the Metal universe; their name just makes mere metal maniacs tremble at their lips and go into convulsions to to extreme worship. One of those bands is Celtic Frost. Imagine a mountain somewhere in some far off land and there is an old man in a cave. Below the mountain is a thriving happy sun-filled village while the old man is in the cave covered in cobwebs, surrounded by ancient furniture from a medieval time and upon his head, a rusty crown where the diamonds have turned to brass. It's face covered in dust, grime, and streaks of blood across his mouth. He was put there for a purpose it seems. Something too fucking extreme happened to this rotting shell of a man eons ago that put him in such an extreme state of exile. That pretty much sums up Celtic frost, and for those that don't know, they have had one of the most rockiest histories in the Metal universe. Well, now that those iron chains have rusted and corroded with enough time, that same old man breaks free from them and walks out setting forth to take back the very lands beneath him he once conquered, and failed at, but now after years of silence....the old king is taking it's final war campaign against all that have shunned and forgotten him. That honery motherfucker is PISSED!

Celtic Frost did no wrong with their first 3 albums. Each priceless, timeless classics inspiring and influencing thousands of endless worshippers then "Cold Lake" happened and the king(s) was forever vanished. Like a great hall in some castle his(their) good deeds are remembered in a golden age where everything they did was gold then something happened. Well, their final album "Monotheist" makes you forget that "Cold Lake" even happened. What makes this album so effective in the CF dischography is that it's NOT "Morbid Tales prt. 2." It's not "To Mega Therion....the continuation." Nor is it even the a sister to the avantgarde masterpiece of "Into the Pandemonium." In fact, I'll go on to say that this album is beyond those albums. They didn't retread familiar ground. They didn't try to re-create. No, this is just a huge fucking iron fist to the face of everyone who doubted them for so long. And they took their special brand of darkness and actually modernized it to stay with the current times. Most bands cannot do that. They cannot progress THIS damn good. If they did they would have had to have written an album in the 80's and 90's when things were fresh and the future had endless possibilities. Celtic Frost had almost two decades in the darkness and absence from the modern day Metal scene and this albums shows it.

Tom G. Warrior. The man. The voice. The grunt. UGH! The Warrior is back with original bassist Martin Eric Ain (who btw, looks like a fucking caveman these days) and two new members; guitarist Erol Unala and drummer Franco Sesa. With new members come new sounds and the new sound is a a pitch black droning doom sounds. It's black. it's fucking metal. It's somewhere centered between all the genres they influenced. It's also much like the album that SHOULD have been written between "To Mega Therion" and "Into the Pandemonium." but even then it's way more fucking eviler. I mean, you know the old saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Bullshit. Old yeller went and got rabies and slaughtered the entire fucking family on this one. Riff wise, there is no shortage of those back-breaking, soul-burning, psychotic-inducing riffs that Tom G Warrior has been known to create. He goes for broke in making his heaviest riffs ever.

"Monothiest"....right off the bat the album again captures the idea that may be whatever god or gods the majority of human beings are praying to...simply aren't listening in the least bit. Don't give a crap and have given up on their creation once and for all. It's a bitter but truthful idea that man creates his own hell based off the mere image of his negative characteristics and there's no shortage of CF( and metal in general) holding that mirror up and showing man for the beast he can be. The album opens up with "Progeny"....that intro wall of guitar feedback and then you hear it..."UGH!" oh yes. Then for the next hour and eight minutes the heaviness does not stop. Tom G. Warrior takes you through the demented mind of that dethroned emperor I mentioned that has planned for a long time to reclaim his kingdom. It's really hard to go into vivid detail about the songs because the album as a whole is just one blackened monolith that stands alone in their discography. Again the music doesn't go into pure thrashing mode that one would expect. In fact one should remember was that CF was a band that made NO fucking promises or compromises about their music. Again, you're going to find the music mainly shifting between a funeral-like doom dirge CRAWL("A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh"), some weird female vocals("Drown In Ashes"), lots of "UGH!"("Ground"), and a SHITLOAD of infernal darkness("Triptych" a song trilogy containing some of the most evil-sounding music this side of the fjords of Norway.)

Celtic Frost COULD have planned this. Really. Even earlier I said they never promised anything, but they could still have planned this album. For all the flak they got for so long, they came back with their final stand reminding people just who the real emperors are. Remember that village I mentioned at the beginning? Decades later, people say there was a plague of some sorts that made everything disappear. They said it became a barren wasteland where nothing grows and where even vultures do not soar into because they won't find the blackened land where it was once green, now is covered in the smell of smoke, where the temperature is forever deathly cold, and somewhere in that apocalyptic wasteland...the lies a rusted crown where the diamonds have turned to brass. Congratulations Celtic Frost.