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Nowhere near as good as the last two. - 71%

langstondrive, April 10th, 2006

After releasing the epic 'To Mega Therion' a couple of years prior, Celtic Frost
return with a much different effort, the experimental metal work 'Into the Pandemonium'. Firstly, I can live without much of the melodic vocal work, especially by T.G Warrior himself. The production for the heavier songs is similar to that of the last album, if not a bit more clear. The avant-garde stuff is well produced, and such epic tracks as Rex Irae are more lisenable
than if they were covered in static.

The guitar tone is still fairly thick, but this time around there are not as many killer riffs to back up the definitive tone, the bass is present but lacking punch, and T.G Warrior's vocals shine on the heavier songs, but are pretty hideous when he actually tries to sing. For me, the highlights of the album are the parts which are reminiscent of their earlier work, such as the crushing 'Babylon Fell', the fast paced 'Inner Sanctum', and even 'I won't Dance' is a pretty catchy track with some decent riffs. The shit really hits the fan on some of the melodic work though, as songs like 'Sorrows of the Moon' (and its French-sung counterpart) stink up the album with their sheer lack of anything aggressive or memorable, and the cover of 'Mexican Radio' is pretty mediocre, if not somewhat listenable.

Rex Irae is somewhat of an operatic metal track, but Warrior's moaning hinders the listen, as do the violins, which are right up front in the production. The riffs are buried under the strings, and while it can be considred 'epic' or whatever, it really goes nowhere until the last 30 seconds of the song. Oriental Masquerade is a bit better, just because it is instrumental and shorter, and actually would suit
as a segue piece between two heavier songs. Shame that 'One in their Pride' is on here twice, and both versions are truly horrible, notably the completely unoriginal and monontonous breakbeats.

So yeah, this album is really nowhere as good as either 'Morbid Tales' or 'To Mega Therion', both of which are 90 point albums. While certain songs (Babylon Fell, Inner Sanctum, In the Chapel, in the Moodlight) are keepers, the poor avant-garde work on this album makes it a hard listen.