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Is this supposed to be a joke? - 33%

Peregrin, April 12th, 2008

If it is, it's not a funny one. Apparently people either love or hate this album. As you can see, I don't like it... it's pretty much a textbook example of how to NOT go mix genres.

The big difference from previous CF albums is that the influences from outside rock and metal are much more prominent now, for example there's some orchestral stuff too and a track named "One in the Pride", which is a hip-hop INSTRUMENTAL. It's more than that, though, it's a hip-hop instrumental about the moon landing. I wish I was lying. I really do.

However, the attempts at combining genres are just plain half-assed. The dabblings with non-metal genres found on this album don't do anything else than confuse listeners who aren't so spectacularly pseudo-intellectual they think experimental music can't possibly be bad.

Oh yeah, there's an exception... the Wall of Voodoo cover, which is easily the best track on the album because it appears to have been written with another purpose than impressing music critics who are extraordinarily pretentious even by their profession's standards.

Then we get to the songs that stick to the old Celtic Frost style that's not quite thrash, not quite black metal and not quite death metal either. They lack any of the energy or direction that "Morbid Tales" or "To Mega Therion" had, and it doesn't help that Tom G. Warrior's vocal performance sounds like he's totally bored.

Whatever happened during the making of "Into the Pandemonium", the end result is... a bloated waste of effort that's mostly boring save for a couple of big "what the hell was that?" moments, and those are more annoying than amusing, and a nifty cover song.